Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Collection Update

So I thought that I would fill everyone in how my collection is going. I know that a lot of you look to me for guidance, and I can’t blame you; there is plethora of garbage out there.

Firstly, here is a list of the issues that I collect every month: Amazing Spider-man; Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 8; Thor; and Agents of Atlas (a great new read, pick it up). I also collect a bunch of titles only in trade-paperback format: Superman/Batman; Green Lantern; 100 Bullets; Ultimate Spider-man; Fables; Daredevil (if you aren’t reading this shame on you); and House of Secrets (best new Vertigo title out there).

I also have been collecting the Atlantis Attacks! storyline and putting together a run of early Thanos appearances. My big push is trying to get a complete run of Marvel Team-Up (volume one, c’mon people). I always want to be collecting something that I can get for $1 or $2.

Additionally, I always keep my eyes peeled for a great deal on a key book, and recently I managed to score a very nice copy of Uncanny X-men #13 (the second half of the first Juggernaut story). A great book.

Now remember that my collection is constantly in flux; I sell all of it at regular intervals to make room for more stuff. This is the only way to collect, everything is new and fresh, and I only keep the really great stuff.

So I hope that this has been enlightening for you all and keep reading the funny books.